April in Calais – join us in June?

April 2018 convoy group photoCamCRAG Chair Elliot Harris looks back at another weekend at the warehouse in Calais.

I can’t believe it’s almost been a week since we went on another convoy to Calais! (and just over 6 weeks since the last one!)

Yet again the Cambridge crew did us proud, mucking in all over the warehouse sorting donations, fixing tents, washing pots and chopping tomatoes or wood!

It was great fun getting to know you all, you certainly prove that there is no such thing as a typical volunteer!

Thank you to Refugee Community Kitchen and Help Refugees for welcoming us again and for your continuing hard work. It’s clear that both of these amazing groups could really do with some more volunteers and donations as a few people keep on working every day to keep supporting the people who need them.

There are still hundreds of people Calais and Dunkirk needing all our support, even if they aren’t in the news any more. Police harassment and confiscations continue, making every day a struggle. Let’s not forget and move on just because other people have.

In Calais, volunteers have been threatened with prosecution for doing no more than helping. Unfortunately, the criminalisation and intimidation of civilian aid workers is not uncommon across Europe. Humanitarian aid is not a crime. Solidarity is not a crime. CamCRAG volunteers haven’t been on the receiving end of this, but like many of them, and like the long-termers who have, I’m stating that I’m a helper, #notacriminal.

Shout out to Cambridge 105 Radio for sending their intrepid breakfast reporters Linda and Neil on this convoy to find out what’s going on in Calais.

Want to get involved?

Our scheduled convoys are:
8th-10th June
27th-29th July
7th-9th September
12th-14th October
23rd-25th November

So get those dates in your diary now!

Sign-ups are now open for the June convoy – find out how to apply at camcrag.org.uk/convoys