Donations from St Johns Hills Road July 2018

CamCRAG seeks new donations coordinator

CamCRAG is looking for a new donations coordinator. The role involves managing the collection, sorting and storing of physical donations, and ensuring they are delivered to Calais or elsewhere, usually via our weekend volunteer convoys.

Ideally the coordinator will recruit and maintain a small team of volunteers to assist with the tasks involved.

The main duties of the donations team are;

  • Organising collections of donations from the Daily Bread and Argyle Street Housing Co-op
  • Finding venues for donation drop-off days, planning and organising them, approx every two months
  • Arranging for donations to be sorted and stored in our donations shed
  • Arranging for the disposal of unwanted donations, preferably to other charities

In addition, the coordinator will need to;

  • Maintain a list of currently accepted donations
  • Answer the donations email, and arrange ad hoc donation deliveries to the shed
  • Liaise with the communications team to promote the donation team’s activities
  • Liaise with the convoy coordinator about what donations should go to Calais
  • Liaise with convoy drivers to arrange donation collection from the shed
  • Provide a short written or verbal monthly report to the CamCRAG committee on the team’s activities

If you are interested, or for more information, email