Applications for March’s convoy CLOSE ON FRIDAY 21 FEBRUARY.

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Upcoming Convoys
March 6 – 8
April 24 – 26
June 12 – 14

What’s the need?

person by tentAlthough the Calais camp was dismantled in 2016, there are still many hundreds of refugees living rough in the scrublands around the town, many of them children, under constant pressure from the police and hostile local government. The aid groups operating from the warehouse run by L’Auberge des Migrants, which include Refugee Community Kitchen, The Calais Woodyard and Utopia56, continue to distribute food, sanitary kits, clothing, tents and sleeping bags, and CamCRAG is proud to support them by sending weekend convoys of donations and volunteers. The warehouse, and a second one run by Collective Aid, also provides aid to associations operating in Dunkirk, Paris and elsewhere in Europe.

What would I do?

There are numerous tasks that need doing in Calais, and no previous experience is required. Volunteers sort and pack donations, peel and prepare food, load and unload vans. No one is paid and there is a great team spirit – as well as an excellent lunch provided by Refugee Community Kitchen.

What’s it like?

June convoy volunteers group photoEstere went on her first convoy in June 2018 – follow this link to read her report. You can also read Freya’s first time convoy experience from September 2019.

Here’s what some volunteers from previous convoys have said:

“Be open minded, willing to help with whatever needs doing, take plenty of layers, be prepared that your experiences will change your perspectives on returning home!”

“Working alongside amazing people, who were giving up their time to help, was quite emotional and very very humbling. I don’t think ‘rollercoaster’ is a word that can be overused.”

“The moment you actually act, you are there to help, you give some tiny hope to the refugees and it is something that penetrates deep inside. It is like planting a seed for the future. So just do it.”

Sol Escobar made this short film of our January 2019 convoy:


When do you go?

Convoys leave Cambridge on Friday evenings and return on Sunday evenings. We stay in the youth hostel in Calais and, having dropped off donations collected by CamCRAG over the previous weeks, work two full days in the warehouse. See the top of this page for the dates of upcoming convoys and a link to apply the next one.

I’d love to but I’m not free at weekends!

We are considering running midweek convoys, possibly Tuesday to Thursday. If you would be interested in this please email

I’d love to but I can’t afford it!

We recognise that not everyone who would like to volunteer can afford to go to Calais. We therefore have a limited number of subsidised places, for which CamCRAG will pay accommodation, leaving just personal food to be paid by the volunteer. Applicants will need to demonstrate evidence of financial need (e.g. housing benefit or JSA). In the first instance please email

OK sign me up!

Great! Dates of future convoys are at the top of this page, along with info on how to sign up. If you have any questions please email