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Sleep Out at St Giles

Our flagship event, the sponsored Sleep Out at St Giles’ Church, will take place on Saturday 26th January 2019. This very popular event is limited to 30 sleepers, so apply soon to avoid disappointment! An evening meal, activities and breakfast will be provided, and you’ll experience night in the awesome setting of St Giles’ Church. Safety is our prime concern: the church will be open all night, and stewards will supervise the welfare of the sleepers.

Apply here to join the Big Sleep Out at St Giles’ church
Important Information

You must be aged 14 or over. Those aged between 14 and 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Those aged between 16 and 17 must have a parent or guardian’s written permission.

If you’re under 14 and want to take part, why not ask your family to host a Mini Sleep Out of your own? With a little effort you could do something amazing!

We ask you to raise at least £120 of sponsorship. We will provide you with an info pack to help you with sponsorship and awareness-raising.

We also ask you to set up a ‘MyDonate’ page linked to our event; we can’t allocate a Sleep Out space until this is done.

You can opt to sleep either inside or outside the church.

You must bring your own equipment (clothing, sleeping bag, mat) appropriate to sleeping out in winter in your choice of venue, and be responsible for your own comfort and welfare. It goes without saying that the weather in January can be extremely unpleasant; potentially dangerously so. If we feel that you are unprepared for the conditions then we cannot allow you to take part.

If you opt to be outside, we invite you to rent an ‘SOS’ tent for £5 which is designed and built by CamCRAG for use by displaced people in France. We will erect it and then ship it to Calais after the event to be used by a refugee.

You must agree to follow instruction from stewards and organisers.

You can apply using  this form . Once accepted we’ll ask for a small non-refundable donation: age 16 and over, £10; age 14-15, £5; pensioners, disabled and the unwaged, fee optional.

This event is popular so we recommend you apply early if you want to take part!

Sleeping Options
  • Inside the church – it’ll be warm and hot drinks will be available all night.
  • Outside: an SOS tent (£5 rent) provided by us. This is our preferred option.
  • Outside: a comfy chair that you bring with you.
  • Outside: a tarpaulin with a sleeping mat; supplied by you and set up after 7pm on Saturday.
  • Outside: your own small tent in the churchyard (£10 fee) to be erected from 2pm – 4.30pm on Saturday.
  • Outside: make your own shelter in the churchyard (£10 fee). It must be rain and snow resistant and be built between 2pm and 4.30pm on Saturday.
On The Day

Your arrival time will depend on how you plan to sleep out; the earliest will be 1.30 pm, the latest 7.10pm on Saturday.

We will have supper at 8.00 pm on Saturday and breakfast at dawn on Sunday, with hot drinks available all night.

There will be at least two supervisors awake throughout the night to help keep you safe.

We ask that you help tidy up the church on Sunday morning before the first service at 9am.

You will be able to use the St Giles’ Church WiFi and mains socket for recharging phones, so please hit social media as hard as you can with news of the event!

More details can be found in your info pack.

We recommend that you bring:
  • Warm sleeping bag
  • Something insulating and preferably soft to sleep on
  • A way of keeping you and your sleeping bag dry in rain and snow
  • A warm coat
  • Thick socks
  • Extra jumper/top layer
  • Thermal base layers (such as long johns/leggings)
  • Gloves, hat and scarf
  • A sense of humour
  • More details will be in your info pack
Bad Weather

If the weather is extreme we will not postpone the event unless travel is deemed dangerous by the authorities.

We do however reserve the right to insist you sleep inside.

Please inform us if you decide to stop taking part in the event, especially if you leave during the event.

Apply here to join the Big Sleep Out at St Giles’ church on 26th January 2019