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A look at some of the volunteers that make what we do possible

Photo of Sarah
Sarah has been involved with CamCRAG in a few events. For the Christmas get-together she made cookie decorations as she loves baking and cake decorating, and wanted to use her skills to help raise money. She got involved as she felt that with the coming of winter it is imperative for everyone to join hands and help. She said that although it takes a lot of time to prepare, she enjoys bringing a smile to someone else’s face.
Lisa Pollitt
Lisa Pollitt photo
Lisa is a Community Development Officer for the City Council. She got involved by baking some cakes and helping her daughter and a friend organise a stall with glitter tattoos and bracelets.
Lisa was part of the CamCRAG fundraising group, but now helps out wherever she can by supporting them at different events and whenever possible.
She chose to help out after hearing about what was happening in Calais, and attending festivals where she learnt more about the situation and what people could do to help.
Lisa described getting involved as a great way to meet others. She also mentioned how it is a good thing to do with children as it gets them to think about how others aren’t as fortunate as them, and to learn to care about others and know that “everything helps towards a bigger picture”.