Donating food and aid items for refugees

12033011_697555233605_193925835594826085_nWhilst the camp in Calais may be gone this does not mean that the refugees have all had a happy ending. There are still many refugees in France who are living in smaller camps or on the streets of Paris and other cities. Whilst things are still unsettled in Calais there is a certainty that many refugees remain living without proper shelter, food, clothing or support across Northern France. The living conditions within the welcome centers are reported to be mixed and our understanding is that the food provided can be limited at times. Until there is more certainty and no longer a need to offer support to refugees in France, CamCRAG will continue to monitor the situation and respond as required. We will continue with our fundraising and other activities as before and depending on need, may divert resources to refugees in other parts of Europe such as Greece, and beyond.
We would like to be as flexible as possible in our support so any money donated to our appeal is still gratefully received. We will also be holding two food donation drops in December and will be concentrating on food that can be easily made up in to food parcels and distributed to small groups of people.

Sunday 4th December
10am – 12 noon
The Eversdens Village Hall, Chapel Road,
Great Eversden, CB23 1HP

Sunday 11th December
St Mark’s Church

tinned fish (with a ring pull lid), biscuits, white sugar, nuts, dates, dried fruit, energy bars, olive oil, vegetable oil, tea bags, garlic, chili flakes, large bags of spices, sea salt

Sleeping bags, roll mats, wind up torches, Men’s hats, gloves and scarfs.

Any donations that aren’t suitable we will be given to a charity shop in Cambridge or to the local food bank.

We will keep our website and facebook page up to date with information from our contacts in France. If you wish to offer support the best way to do so at the moment is via our appeal –