From Cambridge to Lebanon

CamCRAG extended its reach this winter with several van loads of children’s winter clothes bound for a refugee camp in Lebanon.

We formed our first ever children’s donations mini team to facilitate the donations after an urgent call out for children’s winter items for a container to be shipped from Derby to Lebanon from sister groups working in the refugee crisis, including Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity, LE Solidarity, Bras Not Bombs, Refugee Action Nottingham, Muslims in Need, the Hummingbird Project and others.

It was a great opportunity to strengthen connections with other local groups and begin expanding our reach to refugees further afield. image2

The mini team had just two weeks to coordinate and execute the donation drive. The goal was to deliver up to one large car load of aid, but thanks to effective organisation and the generosity of the people of Cambridge, in the end several vans were packed full and delivered.

The mini-team was also dealt with unsuitable donations (such as damaged items, swimwear or adult clothes which couldn’t be included in a children’s winter clothes collection), and used online selling sites to convert those unusable items into cash for food.

Huge thanks to the team, volunteer drivers and many, many others for making this happen.

If you would like to get involved with future children’s mini team donation drives, please contact us at