An update on our convoys to France

Our twelfth convoy is heading out to the Help Refugees warehouse in Calais on December 9th. Since we started we have enabled around 300 people to go to Calais for the weekend, many of those have then gone on to arrange other trips independently.

Together we have sorted mountains of clothes, cut up sack loads of onions and peeled endless cloves of garlic, built shelters, taught lessons, checked tents, made up welcome packs of clothes, packed toiletry bags, distributed food, sorted shoes, helped clean up the camp, packed dried food for thousands of people and chopped wood, amongst other things.

The shape of the future situation in Calais is unknown and the organisations working in the warehouse – Help Refugees, Calais Kitchens and the Refugee Community Kitchen – are all looking at what form their services will take in the future. While they are doing this we are going to take a short break over January from convoy organising.

Whatever happens though it seems certain that there will still be refugees needing support in Northern France and we will continue to find ways to work with these organisations by providing money, aid and volunteers.

We anticipate that our next convoy will be in February, with registrations and planning taking part in January. We will put all the details on Facebook as well as on the website, meanwhile please do get in touch if you have any specific questions.