Refugee groups call on Cambs residents to respond to Trump’s politics of hate

cam4refugees40Refugee groups in Cambridge are urging local residents to respond to Donald Trump’s Muslim ban by taking positive action.

The US president has received widespread condemnation from within the US and across the globe for his decision to bar refugees from several Middle Eastern countries.

Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group (CamCRAG) and Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign
(CRRC) will be standing alongside other groups and individuals in the city at a demonstration at Great St Mary’s in the centre of Cambridge at 5pm (Monday Jan 30).

As well as making their voices heard on the demonstration local residents can also show their support for refugees in Europe and further afield by writing to local MPs, volunteering, attending an upcoming convoy to Calais and donating funds, sleeping bags and clothes. (See our seven ways to help below).

Lara Brettell, chair of CamCRAG, said: “Like many thousands of people across the UK we have been shocked by the decision taken by Donald Trump to stop refugees fleeing violence from seeking shelter in America.

“If you are angry about the current situation then there’s lots you can do to help refugees closer to home. Our next convoy to the Calais refugee warehouse leaves on Friday February 10 and there are still spaces for volunteers to attend. You can also donate clothes and sleeping bags to give to those sleeping rough on the streets of Paris. And sending a message to your MP asking them to put pressure on the prime minister to denounce this inhumane policy is vital.”

Dan Ellis, chair of CRRC, said: “The Statue of Liberty stands as a symbol of America’s historical support for displaced people – but Trump’s actions in recent days have tarnished that reputation. We must all stand together in opposition – and that includes our own politicians in Westminster.

“Cambridge also has a proud tradition of welcoming refugees stretching back many years, and we will not stand by and let the politics of hate stop people in desperate need from getting the shelter they need and deserve.

“You can stand up to Trump by choosing to take positive action, by supporting the work happening in our city to house refugees. We will respond to hate with love, and we will not stop until we have done everything we can.”

Seven ways you can respond positively locally

  • Attend the demonstration in Cambridge at 5pm, (Monday Jan 30) at Great St Mary’s Church. Click here to share the event on Facebook.
  • Write to your MP and ask them to contact Theresa May urging her to fully condemn Donald Trump’s actions. Here you can find contact details for Daniel Zeichner (Cambridge), Heidi Allen (South Cambs) and Lucy Frazer (South East Cambs).
  • Volunteer on a future convoy to Northern France – our next convoy leaves on Friday February 10 for the Calais warehouse, sign up for this or future convoys here
  • Donate money to support our efforts – you can donate money to CamCRAG here
  • Donate aid, or organise a local aid collection for refugees in Calais, Dunkirk and Paris. Click here to find out what is needed and who to contact
  • Get involved, we need volunteers to organise locally – get in contact with us here telling us your skills and we’ll be in touch.
  • Attend one of our upcoming fundraising and awareness raising events in Cambridge. Help raise funds, meet new friends, have fun and get involved. Visit the events page here.