Our policy on photographs of refugees

CamCRAG has a policy of not publishing photographs which identify refugees.
While we understand that photographs are a powerful way of communicating the refugee crisis we also have a duty of care for the people we are helping.
There is a concern that published photographs of refugees could cause them problems when it comes to asylum applications, but even more worrying is the danger of exploitation and violence.
Some recently reported incidents have affirmed the importance of this policy including a police raid in Albania which uncovered a ‘shopping list’ of children. These children were still in camps and all photos had been taken from Facebook posts. In another incident a woman’s photo with a volunteer was posted on Facebook, she was identified by family members and her brother in law was sent to kill her.
While there are responsible photographers who ensure they get full permission from refugees before taking their pictures, we cannot be sure this is always the case. There is also a question mark over whether those not fluent in English, and children in general, are able to fully understand what they are giving permission for.
If you are attending a CamCRAG convoy we would encourage you to share your experience with friends on social media – but please do not share pictures of refugees, regardless of the privacy settings on your account.


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