donations in shed

Thank you Haddenham and Holy Trinity Church

We would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone at Holy Trinity Church who helped to organise and run yesterday’s donations drop off day in Haddenham, and to everyone who gave so generously.

Following the recent fire at the Dunkirk Womens Centre it’s inspiring to see normal people stepping forward to provide the aid and care that refugees need and deserve.

Cdonations in shedamCRAG will always accept any donations on the needs list for Dunkirk Refugee Womens Centre, Help Refugees and Refugee Community Kitchen. You can leave your donations at the Daily Bread Co-operative or Argyle Street Housing Co-operative, or bring them along to Histon Baptist Church on our next donations drop off day, 6 October.

For full needs lists and further info read our donating page.

As you can see, our storeroom is now quite full of aid: If you are going to Calais in the coming weeks and have space to take a box or two, please get in touch by emailing