Big cheer-full convoy

Over the weekend our biggest convoy for some time travelled to Calais. With a team of 24 the crew was on a mission to bring cheer to the long-term volunteers based in Calais who, as the weather gets colder and the days darker, can start to lose heart. The crew cleaned up the warehouse and by Sunday afternoon it looked a great deal better, with the volunteer area and the toilets thoroughly cleaned and tidied, the Charity Shop re-organised and the mountains of donations that were blocking some of the gangways sorted and boxed for distribution. All of this was accomplished of course on top of the usual marathon tent check and veg chopping, and the one lone CamCRAG-er who was flying the flag for Cambridge in the SewHo. It was great to be able to catch up and eat together with our long-term volunteers too after the day’s hard work.

Thanks as ever to everyone for donations as well as to the team who travelled – find out more about upcoming convoys here.

There will be a convoy debrief on Tuesday 4th December at City Church, Cheddars Lane, from 7pm – a chance for anyone who has ever been on a convoy to come along and share their thoughts, feelings and suggestions. The sessions are mediated by two professional counsellors.