Kimono Red Shoes

Bringing it ‘Home’

CamCRAG’s Home Art Exhibition, which ran for three weeks at the Michaelhouse Centre in June, was visited and admired by thousands.

Its aim was always to raise awareness and reach out to people who might not otherwise be interested in refugee issues. In this, it was a great success, with the Michaelhouse team complementing our volunteer organisers on their competence and efficiency.

Visitors were particularly impressed by the inclusivity of the exhibition, which featured three works by local school children, as well as professional painters, textile artists and printers, some of whom had direct personal experience of displacement and homelessness.

Old friends were able to re-connect with the group and several works of art were sold, whilst others have been donated to be auctioned at a later event. We are extremely grateful to all those who helped organise, hang, staff and clear up after the exhibition, also to the artists who kindly submitted their works. As an added bonus, it looks as though the exhibition has raised almost £2000.

Kimono Red Shoes