hopeful sign at auberge (June 2019 convoy)

A poem about hope

An anonymous CamCRAG volunteer has submitted this poem following their experience in Calais.

Finding Hope

The morning brightens, the people awake,
Another day, unaware of their fate.
The first to live and then to survive,
The day awaits with nowhere to hide.
The work begins at the crack of dawn,
Like ants in a hill, but without the brawn.
We work together for the common good,
Be it clothes or sewing or sorting or food.

A community constructed in a common bind,
Working together for the love of mankind.
Not judging nor fearing but willing to take
The crowds of humanity that appear in their wake.

Who are we to despair and hate?
When our fellow brother is forced to vacate.
The comforting part of that sweet envelope
Must protect us from all and lead us to hope.