volunteers in RCK Sep 2019

Freya’s first CamCRAG convoy

“In September 2019 I joined one CamCRAG’s regular convoys to Calais, and what a truly wonderful weekend it was!”

“As I am only 18, I was apprehensive as to whether I should sign up to go or not, (seeing as I can barely stack a dishwasher (!)). However the realities of the trip completely subverted my expectations of volunteer work.

“I had wanted to go down to Calais for a while, yet had been quite intimidated by the thought of going on my own and so the beautiful community of CamCRAG settled these anxieties as soon as I sat down in the shared car and set off to Northern France.

volunteers in RCK Sep 2019“The atmosphere in both the kitchen and the warehouse was so uplifting and vibrant, drastically different to the hostile realities in the surrounding area. The way that the community of volunteers manage to turn what could be a very depressing and solemn place into somewhere inspiring to work was beautiful to witness. There was a real element of unity running through each individual as the daily tasks were completed, and enjoyment fuelled the hard work.

“I came away from the trip with a restored faith in the reality of kindness. In a world frequently filled with hostility, animosity and selfishness it is so refreshing to be surrounded by kind, generous people going out of their way to help those less fortunate than themselves. Since returning to Cambridge I have really seen how outstanding CamCRAG is and I am currently thoroughly enjoying being an active and enthusiastic member!

“If anyone is even slightly considering going to help out the amazing team in Calais my advice would be DO IT! You will love it”

Find out more about CamCRAG’s convoys and how to apply for the next one at camcrag.org.uk/convoys