Sleepout success

winter fair 2023 crowd

Our winter fair and sleepout on Saturday 4 February was once again a great success, so far raising over £17,000 in sponsorship to support refugees in Europe and homeless people in Cambridge.

> About the Fair and Sleepout
> Why are we doing this?

About the Fair and Sleepout

2023 was our fifth annual winter fair and sponsored sleepout since 2018, and every year it keeps getting bigger and better.

On the Saturday afternoon everyone was invited to warm up at the winter fair inside the church, with stalls selling soup, hot drinks, cake, second hand clothes and books, and crafts made locally and by refugees in Europe. All proceeds went towards CamCRAG’s support for refugees.

There was also a local choir, a raffle, and guest speakers from CamCRAG and local homeless support group Cambridge Cyrenians, our partner charity who will receive one quarter of the money raised by the sleepout.

Then, after sunset and the end of the public fair, the sleepers enjoyed a meal together in the church before facing the night in tents or under tarpaulins.

Why are we doing this?

No one should have to sleep rough in winter, but over the coming months dozens of homeless people in Cambridge and thousands of refugees in Northern France will face the bitter reality of trying to sleep in freezing cold, wet, and wretched conditions.

This is why back in 2018 we held our first winter fair and sleepout: To highlight that these people all face the same plight and problems, that they share a common humanity, and that homelessness is not their fault.

They may be in this situation because they have lost their job, have family problems, have suffered illness, or because they face imprisonment and torture in their home country.

Our message is that it doesn’t matter: They deserve help without judgement, wherever and whoever they are.