Food needs

At present, the most urgent need is food. We are collecting the following items to be made into food parcels for upcoming convoys:

+ Sugar
+ Salt
+ Tea bags, instant coffee, hot chocolate
+ Tinned food: tomatoes, black beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, green lentils (not baked beans), tuna, vegetables
+ Peanut butter, jam, honey
+ Bottled water
+ Flour
+ Long-life milk
+ Herbs and spices: turmeric, chilli powder, pepper, coriander, etc.
+ Cooking/ Olive oil
+ Muesli bars
+ Toiletries: toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, bandages, plasters
+ Candles
+ Anything that requires clean water to cook or has a long cooking time: rice, dried beans, dried lentils
+ Baked beans
+ Baby food

The drop off points are Daily Bread Whole Food Co-Op at King’s Hedges (Monday-Saturday 9-4pm), All Saints church in Milton (weekdays 9-12.30 or Sundays 10-10.30 or 12-12.30pm). The items are chosen carefully to make sure they can be cooked efficiently. Rice and dried beans are not needed as they take too long to cook.