Clothing Needs

Although there are women and children at the camps, it is men’s clothes that are most needed. Here is our list of what is needed now. Please read this list carefully so donations match the needs, as goods that are not needed take up scarce storage space.

Please clearly label your contributions and sort them into sizes to assist those dealing with storage and distribution.

Men’s shoes: Trainers or hiking shoes. Wellingtons are not liked and leather town shoes would last about two minutes in the conditions. Sizes 8-11.

Socks are also needed.

Men’s jackets: medium and small only

Belts: medium and small


Men’s winter trousers and jeans, sizes 28-32

Woolly hats

Underwear – Boxers are the most popular, thermals are needed

Shirts & Polos – T shirts and long sleeved Ts only. Small and medium. They have plenty of large & XL