Volunteering in Greece

The majority of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa make their first landing on European soil on the Aegean islands of Greece.

CamCRAG does not currently organise convoys to Greece. However several people from Cambridge have volunteered to help with refugee aid efforts there including members of our committee.

We’re able to offer information and share contacts with anyone locally who is considering going to Greece. Just email us on camb4calaisconvoys@gmail.com and we can arrange a chat. We may also be able to link you up with others heading out there.

Our committee members Sarah and Lara recently visited three refugee projects in Greece, you can read their report here.

The three main projects we have had contact with are,

You can also,

If you have been to Greece or are planning to go and would like to meet others locally then please get in touch so we can link you up. And if you would like to write a blog post based on your experiences to help inspire others then we’d love to hear from you.