How you can help

The scenes we see in the media of the refugee crisis unfolding in Europe have left many of us feeling helpless. But if we all play our part we can bring hope to the lives of those made homeless by war, persecution and oppression. Many of us lead busy lives, but even if we’re doing something small it is a positive step for the people in Calais and elsewhere.

Donate money

We rely on people giving their time to take part in our convoys, but if we can raise money we can take more people who would otherwise be unable to afford the trip and we can buy essential items like generators which will make a huge difference to the refugees in Calais.

Please check back for details of our next appeal.

Donate items

We are asking for specific items as and when they are needed. This includes food, clothing and other items. Please visit this page for full details


A recent CamCRAG jumble sale raised £800

If you would like to go the extra mile to bring donations in then why not hold an event. It could be a small event like a jumble sale, a cake sale in your office, school or local community, a sponsored camp out or a sponsored bike ride.

CamCRAG supporter Georgina has come up with some great ideas to get you going – click here to see them. And remember, if you’re doing anything then get in touch with us and we’ll do everything we can to support you and publicise your event.

Join a convoy

11012028_10153710717283674_8753854937016244894_nIf you have the time to spare, you can make a real difference by joining one of our convoys. Although contributions of clothes and food are needed, manpower on the ground is vital to ensure the contributions are sorted and distributed to the people who need them most. We are particularly looking for someone with a licence to drive a minibus. Visit our convoys page to find out more.


Our latest volunteer roles are available to view here –

If you would like to join our committee or offer your skills in some other way then please get in touch. Currently we are looking for people with fundraising experience as well as artists and designers and anyone with experience of managing volunteers and committees.