Love4Lesvos fundraiser logoIn 2015 the world woke up and wept as they witnessed the heartbreaking image of Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach. Grassroots groups gathered to do what they could as refugees arrived on shorelines manned by volunteers.

Spin forward to right NOW … Lesvos now hosts over 7,000 refugee men, women & children. Many are stuck in camps in dire conditions with minimum provision. Think Calais Jungle but worse.

Outside these camps are fantastic, charitable volunteer support teams, who provide, hope, comfort, company, food, clothing and basic aid.

Over the next 4 MONTHS we are joining with over 25 other groups to have a collaborative, combined impact.


We have met with teams on the Island who have told us what the MISSING PIECES are in their aid plans & where they need support: Food, Clothes, Transport & Warehouse Costs.

We will be supporting 4 PROJECTS along the way, the first of which is HUMANS 4 HUMANITY run by Syrian refugee Rafat Al-Haoud & his American wife Neda Kadri. We will be helping with costs related to their clothes & food distributions in their House of Humanity.

We will, where we can, enable teams to buy locally to support local businesses in Lesvos and benefit from bulk buy savings.

You can contribute directly to this project…

…by donating funds to the inter-association fundraiser at

…by buying directly from this wishlist:

…by buying directly from this local Greek wishlist (currently trainers & nappies but will be continually added to as products are sourced):

There is no better time to show your #LOVE4LESVOS.

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