Since its inception in 2015 CamCRAG has been featured many times in local newspapers, radio and television. Below are links to some of this coverage.

‘It’s not politics, it’s people’s lives’: The students giving up their weekends to help refugees Varsity 7 February 2023
Louise Hulland BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 5 February 2023
Neil Whiteside Cambridge105 Radio 23 January 2023
Big Sleep Out 2023 planned for refugee fundraiser Cambridge Independent 21 December 2022
Volunteers sleep out for refugee and homeless charities Cambridge Independent 9 February 2022
CamCRAG – Big Sleepout 2022 Cambridge105 Radio 13 January 2022
Sleep out to help the homeless Cambridge Independent 12 January 2022
Refugee Crisis Update: Catharine Walston – CamCRAG Cambridge105 Radio 3 December 2021
Dotty McLeod Breakfast Show BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 25 November 2021
Neil Whiteside: CamCRAG Update Cambridge105 Radio 15 October 2020
‘Those two days changed my life’: How a trip to Calais cemented one volunteer’s desire to work with refugees Info Migrants 7 July 2020
Meet the Cambridge volunteers supporting the forgotten refugees of Calais Cambridgeshire Live 16 June 2020
Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group: Let’s Talk Tents Kindlink Global 29 April 2020
The lifesaving Cambs group you never knew existed helping refugees sleep easier Cambridgeshire Live 10 March 2020
Meet the refugee who slept rough through Storm Dennis to raise money for the homeless Cambridgeshire Live 22 February 2020
Neil Whiteside – Refugee Community Kitchen, Calais Cambridge105 Radio 17 February 2020
Sunday Breakfast BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 16 February 2020
The Big Sleepout 2020 Cambridge Edition 13 February 2020
Neil Whiteside Cambridge105 Radio
from 9m50s onwards
5 February 2020
The CamCRAG Big Sleep Out Returns That’s TV 17 January 2020
Cambridgeshire heroes give Calais a hand to help refugees Cambridge News 26 September 2019
Charity CamCrag Host Art Exhibition For Refugee Awareness Week That’s TV 21 June 2019
Cambridge Charity CamCRAG To Host Art Exhibition This June That’s TV 28 March 2019
Liz Stephan and Catharine Walston join Neil to talk about the ‘Home’ art exhibition Cambridge105 Radio 25 March 2019
Artists wanted for exhibition to help the homeless in Cambridge Cambridge Independent 14 March 2019
CamCrag Sleepout Raises Money For Homeless Charities That’s TV 14 February 2019
Overnight ‘sleepout’ will see volunteers sleep outdoors to raise money for Calais and homelessness charities Varsity 25 January 2019
CamCRAG’s Big Sleep Out to raise awareness of plight of homeless women in Cambridge and Calais Cambridge Independent 21 January 2019
Neil Whiteside: CamCRAG Update Cambridge105 Radio 25 September 2018
Neil & Linda on the CamCRAG Convoy Cambridge105 Radio 3 July 2018
Talking Refugee Week with CAMCRAG Cambridge105 Radio 29 May 2018
Featured Charity: Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group Cambridge105 Radio 11 May 2018
Featured Charity: CamCRAG Lara Brettell & Keith Hatton Cambridge105 Radio 5 May 2018
We Check in With The Big Cambridge Calais Sleepout That’s TV 9 February 2018
Big Sleepout at St Giles’ church in Cambridge raises £10,000 Cambridge Independent 4 February 2018
Why there are tents from migrant camps in a Cambridge churchyard Cambridge News 25 January 2018
All you need to know about Refugee Week in Cambridge Cambridge News 19 June 2017
Plea to help refugees left homeless by fire Cambridge News 14 April 2017
Half a tonne of Cambridgeshire school uniforms being sent to France to help child refugees Cambridge News 7 March 2017
105 Breakfast with Neil & Linda: CamCRAG celebrity montage auction Cambridge105 Radio 9 February 2017
People have their say on Cambridge protest against Donald Trump’s travel ban Cambridge News 31 January 2017
We couldn’t have got where we are without the huge generosity and support of the people of Cambridge Cambridge News 26 January 2017
‘We can’t stand by and do nothing’: Cambridge residents send money for child refugees left stranded in Calais Cambridge News 27 October 2016
Campaign to raise £10,000 for Calais refugees Cambridge News 24 October 2016
Calls for child refugees to be brought to Cambridge as authorities dismantle ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais Cambridge News 24 October 2016
Cambridge Calais Refugee Action Group celebrates one year with biggest ever appeal for £10,000 Cambridge News 4 October 2016
Students visiting refugee camps this weekend (page 10) Varsity 26 February 2016