Poncho Project Sewing Events

We usually hold in-person sewing events, but these are all cancelled during COVID. But don't worry, we're still making ponchos!

Covid-safe poncho making!

Help us to make ponchos from the safety of your own home (or in your own covid-safe households or bubbles). Here's how you can get involved.

Phase 1: delabelling and cutting

Pick up new blankets from Jesus Lane Quaker Meeting House (12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BA on the corner of Park Street). Take the labels off, cut the main poncho pieces, the pockets and the cowls (and optionally pin the pockets on). Return your cut ponchos to Jesus Lane Quaker Meeting House.

Instructions for cutting can be found on our website.

NOTE: Please do the cutting it batches of 5 blankets - 4 to be cut with neck holes and the fifth to be cut into 4 pockets and 4 cowls.

Phase 2: sewing

Pick up the cut-up pieces from Jesus Lane Quaker meeting house. Sew on the pockets and cowl necks. Return your finished and folded ponchos either to Jesus Lane or elsewhere (contact us to find out where).

Instructions for sewing can be found on our website.

Zoom session

We're holding a drop-in zoom session on Sat 19th Dec 11-1 where you can ask questions, meet other sewers and get some motivation!

Click here to join

Meeting ID: 854 8847 6492

Passcode: ponchos

Doing both phases

If you are doing Phase 1 and Phase 2, there is no need to bring your pieces back in between.

Instructions for picking up and dropping off at Jesus Lane Quaker Meeting House

Location: Jesus Lane Quaker Meeting House, Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BA - on the corner of Jesus Lane and Park Street. Note: it is NOT the meeting house where we have done sewing sessions previously!

Please pick up and drop off between 10am - 3pm weekdays starting 16th Nov. Ideally please text Kirsten in advance so she knows to expect you. If you need to arrange a different time, please contact Kirsten directly. Email ponchos@camcrag.org.uk to get Kirsten's number.

We are encouraging people to pick up their own blankets, but if this is not possible, let us know and we'll get someone to drop them off for you. Equally, if you are able to drop off for other people, please let us know!

Pick up and drop off will be covid secure with sanitiser available, and the blankets will be quarantined between phase 1 and phase 2. Cars can be driven onto the pavement in front of Meeting House (watch out for pedestrians) for dropping off or collecting - please ensure not to obstruct the pavement. Drive right up to the meeting house doors.

If you let Kirsten know in advance, she can leave blankets to collect just inside the main door. Please sign the list just inside the door when you collect or drop off blankets.


If needed, we can provide thread, pins and scissors but this needs to be by individual arrangement - please contact Kirsten (email ponchos@camcrag.org.uk to get Kirsten's number)

Keeping in touch

We've set up a WhatsApp group for everyone to chat in - this will hopefully help us to coordinate ourselves remotely! To join the WhatsApp group, either:

Some people have offered to do socially-distanced cutting/sewing at their houses, in pairs or threes - if you're interested in this, let us know or discuss it in the WhatsApp group.

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