CamCRAG is a registered charity who organise regular weekend volunteer convoys from Cambridge to Calais. We also collect donations and funds to help refugees in Europe and beyond.
CamCRAG is a registered charity who organise regular weekend volunteer convoys from Cambridge to Calais. We also collect donations and funds to help refugees in Europe and beyond.

The Big Sleepout 2022

CamCRAG’s big sponsored sleepout is back!

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No one should have to sleep rough in winter, but over the coming months dozens of homeless people in Cambridge and thousands of refugees in Northern France will face the bitter reality of trying to sleep in freezing cold, wet, and wretched conditions.

Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group (CamCRAG) in cooperation with Cambridge Street Aid are hosting “Fundraising For Refugees And The Homeless” at St Giles’ Church, Castle Hill, Cambridge over the weekend of 5th and 6th February 2022.  The event will highlight the fact that these people all face the same problems, and that they share a common humanity, and that homelessness is not their fault. 

They may be in this situation because they have lost their job, have family problems, have suffered illness, or because they face imprisonment and torture in their home country.  Our message is that it doesn’t matter – they deserve help without judgement, wherever and whoever they are.

There will be a winter fair during Saturday afternoon from 1pm with food and craft stalls, guest speakers, and entertainment, followed by a shared evening meal for the sleepers and guests, a sponsored sleepout, and a communal breakfast to celebrate an amazing night.

All the money raised will go towards supporting CamCRAG’s humanitarian work in Northern France, and towards supporting Cambridge Street Aid.

There are many ways that you can help

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How to set up your Sleepout 2022 JustGiving page

  • 1 Browse to
  • 2 If you are new to JustGiving click ‘Sign Up’, enter your name, email, address, and create a password.
  • 3 In the ‘Check your details’ page answer the questions. In particular, in the ‘Choose your fundraising page web address’ find a name that hasn’t been chosen yet, then take a careful note of your personal web address, such as This is the link that you will send out to your potential sponsors.  
  • 4 You’re now looking at your new page. Press ‘Edit your page’, and in the ‘Edit’ tab enter your details. In particular, put a compelling reason why you are doing this in the ‘Your story’ box’. Tell a personal story; what is interesting about you and why you are doing this?
  • 5 Set an optimistic but realistic fundraising target amount. If you genuinely have no idea, just put £500.
  • 6 Select the ‘Media’ tab and press ‘Change cover’ to upload a photo of yourself.
  • 7 Press the icon showing your name at the top right, then ‘Account preferences’, then under the icon click ‘Edit’, and choose a picture of yourself. This picture will appear in the main Campaign page alongside all the other participants in the event.  

Please feel free to have a look at this page as an example:

Sleepout 2022 COVID-19 policy

CamCRAG is committed to ensuring the safety of everyone attending the Sleepout.  We will follow current government COVID-19 guidance and will continue to do so up to and during the event.

St Giles’ Church is a large and spacious venue. During the Winter Fair and Sleepout we will keep the church well ventilated and have hand sanitiser readily available.

We will ask that all volunteers (sleepers and helpers) are at least double vaccinated unless medically exempt, in which case they need to provide proof of a negative test.

We will also ask members of the public to take a lateral flow test before coming to the fair, and encourage everyone to wear masks in line with current UK government guidance.

The planning team will make a final go/no go decision on whether the event can take place on 17 January. At the current time all the indications are that we will go ahead as planned.  If we decide at that time that the event cannot go ahead (which is unlikely), or closer to the event we are forced to abandon it (for example, due to changed government rules) we will coordinate a “sleepout at home” event for those who wish to do so with volunteers sleeping out in “bubbles” in their gardens and recording their night with photos and videos.  Sponsorship and donations cannot be refunded and will be used by CamCRAG for the benefit of refugees and the homeless.

If you have any concerns or questions please email us on