CamCRAG is a registered charity who organise regular weekend volunteer convoys from Cambridge to Calais. We also collect donations and funds to help refugees in Europe and beyond.
CamCRAG is a registered charity who organise regular weekend volunteer convoys from Cambridge to Calais. We also collect donations and funds to help refugees in Europe and beyond.


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Charities and NGOs we have worked with, or who we just like

CRIBS International – provide shelter, safety and support to pregnant refugees and mothers with young infants in Athens.

Cambridge Cyrenians – our partner homeless charity for the sponsored sleepout in 2023. They provide a range of accommodation, support and specialist services for homeless men and women in Cambridge.

RootsFrench association working in Grande Synthe near Dunkirk, providing services to people living in the informal camps there. CamCRAG volunteers often work with them on our weekend convoys.

Together with refugees – A new coalition of organisations who believe in showing compassion for people fleeing war, persecution or violence. CamCRAG has joined this organisation, partly as a reaction to the much-criticised New Plan for Immigration, unveiled by the Home Secretary in March 2021.

Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign – A charity, initially set up by Citizens UK, which works within Cambridge to welcome refugees resettled in the area.

Friends of Refugees Bedfordshire – Collects donations and raises awareness in the Bedford area.

St Albans for Refugees – Registered charity supporting refugees overseas and those resettled in the St Albans area.

Friends of Refugees Suffolk – Supports refugees in northern France and resettled families in Ipswich.

For Refugees – (formerly Donate4Refugees) London-based charity that raises funds and supports refugees in the UK and abroad.

Chorleywood4Refugees – Local group north west of London who collect donations and raise funds.

Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity – Collecting and sending aid from the Derbyshire area.

Herts for Refugees – Hertfordshire-based charity supporting refugees with aid and volunteers.

Side by Side Refugees – Fundraising group providing aid to refugees in France.

Aid Box Community – Bristol-based organisation helping refugees locally and in Europe.

Choose Love (formerly Help Refugees) – Distributes funds to frontline groups throughout Europe.

Refugee Community Kitchen – Provides nutritious meals to refugees in northern France.

Refugee Info Bus – provide internet services and legal information to refugees in France and Greece.

Calais Food Collective – a grassroots organisation supporting displaced people in Calais and Dunkirk primarily with cooking ingredients, such as rice, onions, beans, and fresh veg, as well equipment to cook with.

L’Auberge des Migrants – French association that has worked with refugees in Calais for many years.

Utopia56 – French association working in Paris, Calais, Dunkirk and elsewhere in the country.

Sciences Po Refugee Help – Student association at Paris’ Sciences Po University.

Solidarithé – Group in Paris who provide information and hot drinks to refugees living on the streets.

Hope Café – Provides food and other aid to refugees in Athens.

Khora – A humanitarian co-operative foundation based in Athens which provides food and other aid, as well as a community space and services, for refugees in the city. Co-founded by a Cambridge resident.

Humans 4 Humanity – Grassroots collective providing aid to the main Moria camp on Lesvos in Greece.

Phone Credit for Refugees and Displaced People – Raises funds to provide top up for mobile phones, recognising that a working phone is vital for refugees to keep in touch with family, friends and legal advice.

Techfugees – tech community working together to provide digital solutions to the refugee crisis.

RE:action – Cambridge university refugee support society.

come2calais – Organises regular weekend volunteering trips to Calais from the Bath area.

Refugee Rights Europe – Carries out research on refugees and displaced people seeking protection in Europe, focusing on human rights violations and inadequate humanitarian conditions.

Collective Aid – NGO who support refugees in Calais (where CamCRAG volunteers work on our weekend convoys), and also in the Balkans.

Watershed – German-based NGO providing shelter, water and sanitation in the Balkans and Greece. In 2019 CamCRAG donated £3,000 towards their electrification project in Lesvos.

Refugee 4 Refugees – Greek NGO providng emergency humanitarian support on Lesvos and Samos.

Distribute Aid – NGO helping grassroots organisations ship humanitarian aid to where it’s needed.

People in Motion – Charitable Incorporated Organisation that sends aid and volunteers to people and places in need.

Europe Must Act – Social movement aiming to increase political pressure on European governments to resolve Europe’s migrant crisis, also publishes information on the latest news from frontline NGOs.

Safe Passage – Campaigns for and provides assistance to child refugees to access legal routes to safety in Europe.

The Lava Project – Medical laundry facility on Lesvos working to combat scabies and provide clean clothing to refugees on the island.

Give Your Best – Connects people with quality clothes to gift with women refugees who want them. Founded by CamCRAG volunteer Sol.

Channel Rescue – A grassroots human rights monitoring organisation that looks out for and documents small boat migrant crossings in the English Channel.

Hope and Aid Direct – Charity that collects donations and organises the logistics of getting them to people in need

The Free Shop Lebanon – Free shop for refugees in the Bekaa Valley

Baca – Accommodation and training for unaccompanied young asylum seekers in the UK

Useful resources

Refugee Aid Resource Locations – Locations of UK organisations, donation collection points, etc.

International Organization for Migration – UN migration agency, provides situation reports

UNHCR Mediterranean Situation – portal for UNHCR data on refugees crossing the Mediterranean

Aegean Boat Report – NGO providing statistics and information on boat numbers and arrivals in the Aegean – discount seller of emergency waterproof ponchos

FirstAid4Less – Bulk supplier of first aid equipment and supplies

Europa – An illustrated introduction to Europe for refugees, available as an eBook or PDF

UK Immigration country notes – the guidance notes used by the UK’s immigration service to determine whether or not to grant an applicant asylum

A brief timeline of the Human Rights situation in Northern France – report (PDF) by Help Refugees and Refugee Rights Europe on the history of human rights in the Calais area