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Charities and NGOs we have worked with, or who we just like

Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign – charity, initially set up by Citizens UK, which works within Cambridge to welcome refugees resettled in the area.

Friends of Refugees Bedfordshire – Collects donations and raises awareness in the Bedford area

St Albans for Refugees – Registered charity supporting refugees overseas and those resettled in the St Albans area

Friends of Refugees Suffolk – Supports refugees in northern France and resettled families in Ipswich

Donate4Refugees – London-based charity that raises funds and supports refugees in the UK and abroad

Chorleywood4Refugees – Local group north west of London who collect donations and raise funds

Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity – Collecting and sending aid from the Derbyshire area

Herts for Refugees – Hertfordshire-based charity supporting refugees with aid and volunteers

Side by Side Refugees – Fundraising group providing aid to refugees in France

Aid Box Community – Bristol based organisation helping refugees locally and in Europe

Help Refugees – One of the largest charitable funds providing aid throughout Europe, they run the warehouse in Calais we organise convoys to

Refugee Community Kitchen – Operating out of a kitchen in Calais, feeds refugees on the French coast and further afield

Refugee Info Bus – provide internet services and legal information to refugees in France and Greece

Refugee Youth Service – provide support and safe spaces for unaccompanied child refugees in Europe

L’Auberge des Migrants – French association that has worked with refugees in Calais for many years, runs the warehouse there with Help Refugees

Utopia56 – French association working in Paris, Calais, Dunkirk and elsewhere in the country

Sciences Po Refugee Help – Student association at Paris’ Sciences Po University

Solidarithé – Group in Paris who provide information and hot drinks to refugees living on the streets

Hope Café – Provides food and other aid to refugees in Athens

Khora – A humanitarian co-operative foundation based in Athens which provides food and other aid, as well as a community space and services, for refugees in the city. Co-founded by a Cambridge resident.

Humans 4 Humanity – Grassroots collective providing aid to the main Moria camp on Lesvos in Greece.

Phone Credit for Refugees and Displaced People – raises funds to provide top up for mobile phones, recognising that a working phone is vital for refugees to keep in touch with family, friends and legal advice

Techfugees Cambridge – Cambridge chapter of the global techfugees group, who aim to bring the tech community together to offer their expertise to help the global refugee crisis.

RE:action – Cambridge university refugee support society

come2calais – organise regular weekend volunteering trips to Calais from the Bath area

Refugee Rights Europe – carries out research on refugees and displaced people seeking protection in Europe, focusing on human rights violations and inadequate humanitarian conditions.

Refugee Support Network – helps young refugees to build more hopeful futures through education

Collective Aid – NGO who support refugees in the Balkans and have recently taken over ground operations in Calais from Help Refugees

Watershed – German based NGO providing shelter, water and sanitation in the Balkans and Greece. In 2019 CamCRAG donated £3,000 towards their eletrification project in Lesvos.

Refugee 4 Refugees – Greek NGO providing emergency humanitarian support on Lesvos and Samos.

Useful resources

Help Refugees’ Needs list – CamCRAG accepts any donations on this list

RCK Needs list – CamCRAG accepts any dried or tinned food on this list – PLEASE NO VEGETABLES OR OTHER FRESH FOOD

Refugee Aid Resource Locations – Locations of UK organisations, donation collection points, etc

International Organization for Migration – UN migration agency, provides situation reports

UN Statistics Database – portal for UN statistics on the refugee crisis

UNHCR Mediterranean Situation – portal for UNHCR data on refugees crossing the Mediterranean

Aegean Boat Report – NGO providing statistics and information on boat numbers and arrivals in the Aegean – discount seller of emergency waterproof ponchos

FirstAid4Less – Bulk supplier of first aid equipment and supplies

Refugee Aid App – Mobile app for refugees and NGOs detailing local services and associations

Europa – An illustrated introduction to Europe for refugees, available as an eBook or PDF

UK Immigration country notes – the guidance notes used by the UK’s immigration service to determine whether or not to grant an applicant asylum

A brief timeline of the Human Rights situation in Calais – report (PDF) by Help Refugees and Refugee Rights Europe on the history of human rights in the Calais area