Since 2018 we have organised five sponsored sleepouts where volunteers spend a night sleeping outdoors in winter to raise money for refugees in Europe and homeless people in the Cambridge area.

On the Saturday we hold a winter fair open to everyone, with a variety of stalls selling crafts and gifts, vintage clothes, hot drinks and snacks, and much more.

Then on the Saturday evening our sponsored sleepers have a communal meal before settling down to a night in tents or under tarpaulins, with the money they raise split between CamCRAG and our partner organisation for that year, usually a local charity which supports the homeless in Cambridge.

As part of our guidance for the sleepouts, we have prepared a guide to sleeping outside in cold weather:


Our 2024 sleepout was held on 10 February 2024. Our partner charity was Emmaus Cambridge

Sponsorship from the sleepout raised £9,500, with a further £2,000 coming from the winter fair held on the Saturday afternoon.

Image of tents at the CamCRAG sleepout 2024
Cheque handover to Cambridge Cyrenians from sponsored sleepout 2023


Our 2023 sleepout was held on 4 February 2023: Our partner charity was Cambridge Cyrenians.

Sponsorship from the sleepout raised over £17,000


Our 2022 sleepout was held on 5 February 2022: Our partner charity was Cambridge Street Aid

Sponsorship from the sleepout raised over £18,000, with a further £3,000 coming from sales at the winter fair.

Speech being given at CamCRAG sleepout
Sea of tents outside St Giles Church in Cambridge


Due to the covid-19 pandemic we were unable to hold a sleepout in 2021


Our 2020 sleepout was held on 15 February 2020: Our partner charity was Cambridge Churches Homeless Project (CCHP)

Sponsorship from the sleepout raised over £12,000, with a further £2,000 coming from sales at the winter fair.

SOS tents outside church
sleepout event image


Our 2019 sleepout was held on 26 January 2019: Our partner charity was the Whitworth Trust.

The event raised over £10,000.


Our 2018 sleepout was held on 28 January 2018: Our partner charity was Wintercomfort.

The sleepout raised over £11,000

Sleepout volunteers